Without self-introduction

I am tired of all these self-introductions,

hi, hello, where are you from, hey, really, why, you are here,

what, doing, are you, ah, yeah, and how do you do, do, OK, yeah,

goodbye, bye bye, meet you again, me, again, nice too.


You, baby, you know, me baby, yes, great, yes.

Yes, great.

We have been dancing like this,

yes, like this,

near, far, near,

back and forth, yes, you know,

there, here, there and here, again, again and again,

Names? What are they? You know you are mine,

don’t you, baby?


With one hug, just one, you know, baby, you know,

I will slip back into numerous, me, me, me,

and me! Only me, and that’s all.


You know I will, I will,

you know.

Just one,


one little hug,

to me!








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