High Quality

Even in most unbearable life situations, high quality exists, even only in shadowy existence.

Love, life, pain, face-smell-of-milk, eyes-slanting-under-the-sun,I love kids.

You know you are right to slap him, only you are wrong not to have slapped him one more time!

Respect to those guys who escape from the familiar, also those keep throwing themselves against the wall. In being different, they are the same.

I miss my group of nieces. They are pretty, younger-than-young girl-womans. In my dreams, they are always so different from me and more eloquent, more wild and more capable. They drag the trees with white-t-shirt smiling face.

You narrow path, zigzag-zagzig-winding-forth, scathing pain.

A quietly buzzing, sweetly intriguing——-Oh,a window there, floating facesIMG_3240 of great emptiness.My dream.

You just can’t imagine. They are from nowhere.

Kill the beach hands.

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