Learn to deduct

IMG_3199They are all the last year college students, facing graduation soon.

In our first class, we got to know each other by brief introduction. When answering  questions about what they gonna do after graduation, not so many of them, or of us, can give a brief answer.

Go on studying, go abroad, hunt for a job, or sit for a civil servant exam? Too many choices, so perplexing. It is  true that the more choices, the more possibility, yet on the other hand, the more choices, the more distracted you will become.

I have something silly to recall here. When I was young, I didn’t have many clothes to wear.  Normally two or three to alternate during a week. I find it convinient to put on the clothes which is the only one available every morning. Later when I became older, when different occasions called for different outfits, when I could afford to add diversity into my wearing stuff, I found it complicated to match the clothes every time I went out . Sometimes, I took many trials and kept looking myself in the mirror,until there was no more time to try more clothes.

In enjoying the pleasures brought by more choices, we sacrified the simplicity of having only one choice!

I always envy those people who stick to their dreams and finally get closer and closer to their dreamland.  For me, I find it difficult to concentrate, to settle, to keep going in one direction. It is not difficult for me to have new ideas, but it is difficult for me to dig deep into them. Of course, stuborness is by no means encouraged, but to concentrate, especially when you make decisions at some crucial moments, is very necessary.

It is not good to spend too much time on the bank pondering on the best spot to plunge into the sea, because what you will do is to swim in the sea. To get prepared and plunge. Happiness of swimming can never be found on the bank.

“So, you’ve decided to give it up? Good, one less thing to do now!”

Yes, to deduct, from today on.

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