My apartment

“I think this will look good in my apartment.”

“You like my smell? If you come to my apartment, you will find it is the smell of my apartment.”

I like to talk with my friends and these sentences about apartment stick in my mind and this morning, when I had breakfast, I thought maybe I can write something about “my apartment”, even if I have nothing which is called “apartment”.

Hearing my friends talking with such a natural note “my apartment”,”my apartment”, a sweet jealousy and eagerness came to flower in my heart.

Since I left home to study in Shanghai, every time I go to the supermarket and pass the section selling all kinds of bowls and plates, I dream of getting married. (Don’t laugh at me, it is true! ) This silly dream becomes more silly when I go to IKEA. Now, clever I have become, I tell myself to settle down and buy myself bowls and plates have nothing to do with getting married or not. My friends, they are of the same age as me, they can have everything they want and can afford in their apartment, while I, still in study, can not afford to buy anything belonging to an apartment for my dormitory. So the only problem is I am still studying. AH, A hopeless academic.

When I was going to my home in my hometown, my friends repeated it as “going to your parents’ house (place)” . This paraphrase was also new to me. In Chinese, we never say this before we get married: “hui fumu jia’(回父母家,回娘家). Even after Helen got married, more than once, she looked confused at my question and asked “Which home do you mean, I have two homes now.”

So literally I have no apartment.  I dream that one day my friends can hearing me saying  ”I smell of my apartment”:-) That will be crazy.

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